空飛ぶ自動車、来年発売予定! Real Flying Car On 2011. For 200K Dollars!

すでにテスト飛行も成功し来年の後期には $200.000 で発売される予定!

Some say that almost all pilot faces in one way or another some challenges in their job like uncertain weather condition, rising cost and some other ground transportation hassles at the end of their flight. Knowing this, inspired Terrafugia to come up with the Transition Roadable Aircraft which comes in a unique functionality that enables it to fold its wings and run on any road surface.

At present the Transition is still being develop at Terrafugia’s Woburn headquarters. The Transition is expected to be deliverable by late 2011 at an estimated price of around $200,000. See clip below for an early test drive!

The Terrafugia Transition

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