モンタージュするアプリ発見! Really Awesome The Face Stealer App [ Video ]

ヤフーJPが動物、有名人、または漫画キャラクターの顔を自分の顔と合成させるアプリをリリースしました。 もちろんフリーですので一度遊んでみては如何でしょうか?

Yahoo Japan has released Face Stealer, an AR app (App Store - Free) which makes your face look like someone else's.
The iPhone app can generate a mask from a photo of basically anything with a face, such as an animal, celebrity, or comic character, and show it superimposed on live video of your face. Yahoo Japan has also developed a library which is used to analyze and reflect expressions and head movements in real time.
The resulting video or photo can then be shared via Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.


萌!ハチドリのいびき  Sleeping Hummingbird Snoring – Cuteness Overload [ video ]


A female Amethyst-throated Sunangel, or a hummingbird as I like to call them, fast asleep in Peru…I only wished my girlfriend snored this cute