この子猫がこんなに育ちました。集!!  Kittens and Grown-up Cats [Video]


Kittens have the cutest habits that accompany them even when they are grown-up. Take a look. Enjoy


世界の不気味な廃精神病院 Creepy Abandoned Asylums [Video]


Dozens of abandoned mental asylums litter forgotten landscapes across the world.

I love ヌテラ ! I Luv Nutella.



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世界一速いベビーカー!! World's Fastest Baby Carriage Hits 50MPH [Video]


We're not quite sure if having the world's fastest baby carriage is something to boast about, but the PushChair is definitely a conversation piece nonetheless. It was built by plumber Colin Furze and is powered by a 125cc motorcycle engine. Continue reading for a video, more pictures and additional information.



左甚五郎も真っ青、木彫刻! Astonishing Wood Sculptures by Dan Webb


Born in East Lansing, Michigan and now living in Seattle, Washington, artist Dan Webb creates amazing sculptures out of wood. The textures and intricate detail in his work are truly astounding. Webb received his BFA from the Cornish College of the Arts and he has had a number of solo and group exhibits. His work is also held in various museum collections in Washington and New York.


これがランボルギーニ・ガヤルドだ! 8.72 Second Quarter Mile Twin Turbo [Video]

悲しき絶滅種たち Animals Who Are Extinct

拳銃を水中で発砲すると! This Is What An Underwater Gunshot Looks [Video]


This little experiment by firearm enthusiast and expert, Andrew Tuohy, was shot in his pool by a Pentax WG-2 at high-speed and then slowed to 30 frames per second to create the nifty “slow-mo” effect in the video. The picture above shows the action being done with a .45 Kimber 1911 and the video below is the .40 Glock 22, and, as with all gun-related videos, it is clearly stated to not try this at home, even if he did.