ラジコン・ジェット機のクレージーパフォーマンス! Crazy Flying [ Video ]


Watch this radio-controlled Futura jet in action.

これは写真ではありません油絵ですが! Unbelievable Paintings That Look Like Photographs [ video ]

ペドロ・カンポス( 46)さん 信じられないほどの画家でハイパーリアリストです。写真と見間違えるほどの油絵です。

Pedro Campos (46), is an incredible hyperrealist painter from Madrid, Spain. Using oil paints he recreates incredibly realistic still life shots that many might mistake for a photograph. He’s worked in a variety of creative fields from interior decorating, illustration (at an ad agency), to art restoration on furnishings, paintings and sculptures.

面白 Iphone ケース10  10 Amazing iPhone Cases

驚きというより、おもしろデザイン iphone のケースたち!

Mobile phones these days everyone uses. Everyone’s interest to have the best phone with the best features, a camera with more megapixels… One of the best phone is the iPhone… These are the ten best designs of iPhone.



人魚らしき死骸フロリダで発見 Mermaid Found in Florida [Video]


Mermaid discovered at Fort Desoto beach after a hurricane swept by Florida. Kinda looked like Lil Wayne.


アメリカ軍事用超音速無人機 X-51ウェーブライダー最終飛行試験 Boeing X-51A WaveRider Scramjet Hitting Mach 5.1 [Video]

グレー研究所でエンジンの地上燃焼試験を行う。 機体は、NB-52Hによって35,000フィート(10.キロメートル)上空まで運ばれ、そこから投下される。投下直後はATACMSから流用したロケットブースターでマッハ4.5まで加速し、その後スクラムジェットエンジンでマッハ6から7となる。このエンジンの燃料は、通常の炭化水素系のJP-7ジェット燃料である。機体は、無人機であるため小型であり、胴体後部がブースター部である。機体中央部(本体後部)に4枚、尾部(ブースター部端)に6枚の小型翼を持つ。インテイクは機体下面にある。


The Boeing X-51 (also known as X-51 WaveRider) is an unmanned scramjet demonstration aircraft for hypersonic (Mach 6, approximately 4,000 miles per hour (6,400 km/h) at altitude) flight testing. It completed its first powered hypersonic flight on 26 May 2010. After two unsuccessful test flights, the X-51 completed a flight of 300 seconds and reached speeds of over Mach 5 on 1 May 2013 for the longest duration hypersonic flight. The X-51 is named "WaveRider" because it uses its shockwaves to add lift. The program is run as a cooperative effort of the United States Air Force, DARPA, NASA, Boeing, and Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne. The program is managed by the Aerospace Systems Directorate within the United States Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). The X-51 had its first captive flight attached to a B-52 in December 2009.


お馴染み笑えるドッキリ集www Best Of Just For Laughs Gags - Producer's Choice [ Video ]

Just For Laughs Gagsは、カナダのコメディ番組。 コメディ・フェスティバルJust for Laughsのひとつであるこの番組は、カナダのコメディ・ネットワークとCBCで放送されている。 アメリカ合衆国ではテレムンドで放送されており、日本ではANAの機内放送の一つとして放送されている。ANA以外にも、多くの航空会社で機内プログラムとして採用されている。 また、カナダ国外でもさまざまなバージョンが作られた。街の中に隠しカメラを設置し、街の人々にちょっとしたいたずらをするという、いわゆるドッキリ番組。 番組中に音楽は流れるが、人々の会話といった音声はカットされ、笑い声といった効果音が入る。 撮影は主にモントリオールの下町やケベックで行われることが多いが、アメリカ合衆国やメキシコで撮影された回もある。

Just for Laughs: Gags (JFL Gags) is a silent comedy/hidden camera reality television show that is under the Just for Laughs brand. In 2000, JFL Gags began airing on French Canadian network Canal D. In the following years, the show was picked up by TVA, CBC and The Comedy Network in Canada, BBC1 in the UK, TF1 in France, ABC and Telemundo in the United States. This series' format is the typical hidden camera comedy show, playing silly pranks on unsuspecting subjects while hidden cameras capture the people's response. This show plays music in the background, but does not contain any sound or dialogue other than brief sound effects and laughter. It is mostly filmed in Downtown Montreal and rural Quebec although some segments have been filmed in Mexico. British and Asian versions have been produced in the UK and Singapore respectively. In 2011, the show spawned a spinoff titled Just Kidding which consists exclusively of kids playing pranks on adults. With its silent format and no translation required, Just for Laughs Gags has been purchased for use in over 100 countries throughout the world as well as in airports and airlines.


14歳の天才写真家 14-year-old Genius Photographer


14-year-old boy named Zev, was born and raised in Massachusetts, he shows the skills and maturity of creativity inherent in adults and held reviewers. Most of it is keen creation of portraits and self-portraits in the genres of surrealism and magic realism. series of portraits called Little Folk - «Little people."

21秒でスイカを切り分ける凄腕シェフ Man Breaks Down Watermelon in Less Than 30 Seconds [ Video ]


Ever tried breaking down a watermelon? It pretty much sucks. However, Matt Jones in the video, makes it look like removing the rind from a watermelon is just as easy as cutting off the crusts from white bread. He breaks down an entire fruit in 21 seconds.


モンタージュするアプリ発見! Really Awesome The Face Stealer App [ Video ]

ヤフーJPが動物、有名人、または漫画キャラクターの顔を自分の顔と合成させるアプリをリリースしました。 もちろんフリーですので一度遊んでみては如何でしょうか?

Yahoo Japan has released Face Stealer, an AR app (App Store - Free) which makes your face look like someone else's.
The iPhone app can generate a mask from a photo of basically anything with a face, such as an animal, celebrity, or comic character, and show it superimposed on live video of your face. Yahoo Japan has also developed a library which is used to analyze and reflect expressions and head movements in real time.
The resulting video or photo can then be shared via Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.


萌!ハチドリのいびき  Sleeping Hummingbird Snoring – Cuteness Overload [ video ]


A female Amethyst-throated Sunangel, or a hummingbird as I like to call them, fast asleep in Peru…I only wished my girlfriend snored this cute


この子猫がこんなに育ちました。集!!  Kittens and Grown-up Cats [Video]


Kittens have the cutest habits that accompany them even when they are grown-up. Take a look. Enjoy


世界の不気味な廃精神病院 Creepy Abandoned Asylums [Video]


Dozens of abandoned mental asylums litter forgotten landscapes across the world.

I love ヌテラ ! I Luv Nutella.



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世界一速いベビーカー!! World's Fastest Baby Carriage Hits 50MPH [Video]


We're not quite sure if having the world's fastest baby carriage is something to boast about, but the PushChair is definitely a conversation piece nonetheless. It was built by plumber Colin Furze and is powered by a 125cc motorcycle engine. Continue reading for a video, more pictures and additional information.



左甚五郎も真っ青、木彫刻! Astonishing Wood Sculptures by Dan Webb


Born in East Lansing, Michigan and now living in Seattle, Washington, artist Dan Webb creates amazing sculptures out of wood. The textures and intricate detail in his work are truly astounding. Webb received his BFA from the Cornish College of the Arts and he has had a number of solo and group exhibits. His work is also held in various museum collections in Washington and New York.


これがランボルギーニ・ガヤルドだ! 8.72 Second Quarter Mile Twin Turbo [Video]

悲しき絶滅種たち Animals Who Are Extinct

拳銃を水中で発砲すると! This Is What An Underwater Gunshot Looks [Video]


This little experiment by firearm enthusiast and expert, Andrew Tuohy, was shot in his pool by a Pentax WG-2 at high-speed and then slowed to 30 frames per second to create the nifty “slow-mo” effect in the video. The picture above shows the action being done with a .45 Kimber 1911 and the video below is the .40 Glock 22, and, as with all gun-related videos, it is clearly stated to not try this at home, even if he did.



重瞳(ちょうどう)とは、一つの眼玉に、瞳が二つある眼のこと。とくに、中国の貴人の身体的特徴として表現されることが多い。たとえば、伝説上の聖王である舜は重瞳だったという。また、資治通鑑などの史書によれば、項羽も重瞳だったという。 明らかな異相であるが、王の権威付けのためか、特に古代中国の王には重瞳にかぎらず、常人とは異なった身体的特徴をしていることが多い。たとえば、文王は四乳といって乳首が四つあったというし、禹は三漏といって耳の穴が三つあったという伝承が残っている。 日本においても重瞳は貴人の相と考えられ、豊臣秀吉、平清盛などが重瞳だったという伝承がある[要出典]。もっとも、これについての信憑性はきわめて薄く、まともに論じられることはめったにない。物語においては、壇ノ浦夜合戦記で源義経、幸田露伴の『蒲生氏郷』[1]で秀吉が重瞳だったという設定になっていたりもする。 海音寺潮五郎は、水戸光圀、由井正雪などについても重瞳であったという説を紹介した上、「ひとみが重なっている目がある道理はない。おそらく黒目が黄みを帯びた薄い茶色であるために中心にある眸子がくっきりときわだち、あたかもひとみが重なっている感じに見える目を言うのであろう」と論じている[2]。 また、中国の文学者であり歴史家でもある郭沫若は、「項羽の自殺」という歴史短編で、重瞳とは「やぶにらみ」のことであろうと言っている。



ブタさん、赤ちゃんヤギを救助! Pig Rescues Baby Goat [Video]


Pig saves goat who's foot was stuck underwater at petting zoo. Simply amazing.



トレーニングパラシュート! Training Parachute


Train like the top athletes around the world with the World Sport brand Speed Chute. This training device is used in the NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, NHL, NCAA, and in almost every top soccer team around the world. Designed to create resistance during sprint training in order to develop explosive linear speed. Comes with carry bag.
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公共広告によるしゃれこうべのいろいろ! “Deathly” Public Service Ads


水の芸術! Awesome Japanese Water Display [Video]


Somewhere in Japan, there's a water fountain putting on a heck of a show!