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THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS    BATMAN 3  監督はバットマン・ビギンズとダークナイトを手がけたクリストファー・ノーラン 脚本(ジョナサン・ノーラン)スタッフ  メインキャストなどほぼ前作と変わらないようです。

The two previous batman movies titled, “Batman begins” and “The Dark Knight”, were both very successful. These two movies gained too much positive feedbacks and reviews from different people all over the world. These two movies were both directed by a brilliant director Christopher Nolan. Heath Ledger’s undeniably outstanding acting on “The Dark Knight” will forever be in minds and hearts of Batman fans. Nevertheless, fans are hoping to get the same amount of quality for its next sequel The Batman3.Due to enormous success gained by Batman movies, Christopher Nolan is starting to complete the details for the third Batman movie. He has said that they were aiming to release the much anticipated sequel of Batman in 2012. Of course Christopher Nolan will be again directing Batman3. He and his two writers David Goyer (screenplay), Jonathan Nolan (screenplay) are already working on its scripts. They cannot enclosed all the details about Batman3 yet but Nolan recently said that the “Joker “(played by Heath Ledger) won’t be appearing on the film.


Some of the actors that are in no doubt will be included in the film are Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne), Gary Oldman (Jim Gordon), Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox) and Michael Caine (Alfred). The film’s executive producer is Benjamin Melniker and Michael Uslan. Other producers are Christopher Nolan, Charles Roven and Emma Thomas. Other personalities involved in the film are Wally Pfister(Cinematography), Nathan Crowley (Production design) and Lindy Hemming (costume design).One of the most important roles in the film “the riddler” (enemy of Batman) has yet to be finalized. There are rumors saying that Eddie Murphy, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Johnny Depp are the three candidates for playing “the riddler” on the film. They still haven’t released who’s who with regards to the role of “the riddler”. In addition, the actress to play “Catwoman” in the film also is still unknown. But there are rumors pointing Maggie Gyllenhaal, Cher and Maegan Fox to play this role.

People will surely love this much awaited film. The people behind Batman3 is aiming to give the audience high quality movie with the best graphic effects and perfect actors and actresses to play the roles in the film. Knowing how carefully they are screening every single detail on the film you can’t help but hope for the best output. Without doubt, Batman fanatics will continue to seek for new updates on the movie and keep on showing tremendous support for the upcoming Batman3!

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「バットマン3」は「ダークナイト」の続編で、新生バットマンシリーズ第3作目。監督は「ダークナイト」「インセプション」と同じクリストファー・ノーランがメガホンを取り、2012年夏(アメリカでは7月)公開予定とされています。撮影については、スタッフのスケジュールが2011年3月ごろから取られていることから、そのころに撮影開始であろうと推測されていましたが、ワーナーからの公式発表がない状態でした。今回、出演者であるマイケル・ケインが(口を滑らせた形とはいえ)4月ごろの撮影であることを認め、噂は本当だったと言えそうです。ちなみに、3Dで製作・公開されるという噂と、ノーラン監督がデジタルよりフィルムを好むため3D版は製作されないという相反する噂が流れていますが、「インセプション」が3D製作されなかった(IMAX 2D版はある)ことから、最近の流れには乗らず2Dでのみ公開になるのかもしれません。

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