色調が1600万色からチョイスできるLEDランプ登場! AMAZING LAMP OF 16 MILLION COLORS

Yeah, we said 16 million colors… actually it’s 16,777,216 to be exact. Just imagine all those beautiful effects you can enjoy according to the occasion. A copper colored dinner, red romantic night, white enthusiastic atmosphere, blue disco time and green refreshment. And to be even more cool, the lamp can be set to scroll through soft, muted tones and deep, bold shades of light automatically. Pretty amazing if you ask me.


This is all possible due to the four LEDs (two red, one blue, and one green), the 16 million color lamp cycles through “256 different hues, 256 levels of saturation, and 256 brightness settings.”You will be able to access each color individually using the color wheel on its wireless remote.

16 Million Color Lamp


source   LED wikipedia       ブログパーツ

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