今、広告看板がこんなにもおもしろい! Most Clever Interactive Billboards

Nike demonstrates that even in philanthropy, it stands for athletes. In an interactive billboard (by BBDO) publicizing a charity 10k run in Argentina, the athletics powerhouse invites passers-by to have a run on a treadmill that logs a communal kilometer count. For each kilometer run, Nike donates a set amount to UNICEF, urging that Training for the 10k doesn't only help you. For each kilometer run, you will be helping UNICEF.

Nike's UNICEF Interactive Billboard

Honda Billboard with SMS and Bluetooth Interaction

McDonald's Piccadilly Circus Sign

Big in Japan Interactive Billboard

Billboard for a Lingerie Store Bustop

Nikon Interactive Billboard

Nokia Interactive Billboard at Lisbon Airport

Adobe CS3 Interactive Billboard

BBC World Interactive Billboard

“Slower is Better” Interactive Billboards

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