マッチ棒の芸術 "David Mach" Devil Sculpture Made of Matches Set Ablaze by David Mach [Video]

小さいころに両親から「マッチで遊んではいけません」と厳しくしつけられた人も少なくないのではと思いますが、英国の彫刻家David Machはそんな事を一切気にせずにマッチで遊びまくり、ついにはポップアートの領域にまで達しました。

In an act that was both performative and transformative, David set his sculpture ablaze to create something new and remarkable. The end result was a charred sculpture that looked similar but felt completely different. For those fortunate to witness the transformation, the final artwork is even more startling and impactful.

Below you will find a chronological recount of this fascinating process. Be sure to watch the video at the bottom of the post. Not only do you get to see the work set ablaze, but David provides an interview as well.

David Mach, Precious Light from David Mach on Vimeo.

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