ブーメランピッツァ 面白CF! Pizza Boomerang. Epic. Awesome.


Introducing (I think) the Pizza Boomerang. It’s hard for me to tell. It’s in Spanish (I think) and I didn’t take Spanish in school. Oh no, I took German because that’s such a useful dang language to know. If I could afford a BMW, I might be able to read the instruction manual. That’s about it.So what is the Pizza Boomerang?Well, I’m not really sure even now but I can tell you it’s an epic tale of a muscular dude who tosses a Pizza Boomerang and it stops people jumping off buildings like they work at a Foxconn factory.Hey, I need my iPhone and XBox parts….don’t jump!Anyway, check out this video of an Hispanic Thor tossing around pizza. It’s epic.Oh yeah, it’s also highly NSFW. You’ll know what I mean when the Pizza Boomerang finds the flasher.

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