3本の足とふたつの生殖器を持つ男 A Man with Sixteen Toes

3本足を持つシャム双生児の亜種男性 Francesco Lentiniフランチェスコ=レンティーニは3本の足を保有しているイタリア人だ。1889年に生まれた12番目の子供だが、母体が劣化していたためであろうか?異なる3本目の足を生殖器の脇にはやした状態で生まれた。シャム双生児の亜種だ。 8歳で、イタリアから米国に移り、リングリングブラザーズサーカスに出場し道化師としての道を歩んだ。
彼はテレサマレーと結婚し、彼らは4人の子供を授かったが、1966年9月22日 フロリダで没した。

Born in 1889, Francesco Lentini was the twelfth kid in his family. He wasn’t an ordinary boy. Go inside the post to see his story.
Francesco was born with 3 legs, 2 sets of functioning genitals and a rudimentary foot growing from his third leg’s knee. In total, he had four feet and 16 toes. He was first raised by his aunt who later sent the boy to a home for disabled kids. Here he learned how to ice skate and even jump rope.


When Lentini was 8 years old, he moved from Italy to the USA where he joined the Ringling Brothers circus as The Great Lentini. He toured a lot and used his third leg to kick a soccer ball across the stage. This was how he got his second name, the Three-Legged Football Player.
His extra body parts didn’t prevent him from marrying Theresa Murray and having 4 kids. Francesco Lentini died in Florida in 1966.

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