倒産しちゃったセレブリティたち Celebrities Who Bankrupted


When you think of those celebrities, I am sure that it will cross your mind all the money they are making. And when I see people who earned that amount of money go bankrupt, it makes me depressed. What is left for me to hope for? Some will say easy come, easy go. But, when you think of it, we made them, there must be something in that. What these people did, it will remain a mystery to me. Maybe wrong investments or unreasonable spending money on weird stuff, just to show off, or something third, I don’t know. Lets see the list, and maybe we’ll come up with idea what happened here. There must be a pattern these people missed, and got themselves in this positions.

Mike Tyson

Nicolas Cage

Gary Coleman

Larry King

Natalie Cole

Cyndi Lauper

Michael Jackson

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Donald Trump

Tia Carrere

Francis Ford Coppola

Toni Braxton

Randy Quaid

Kim Basinger

Don Jonson


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