イケメンたちの今昔! Celebrities Who Went from Beautiful to Ugly


With the recent release of People Magazines “Sexiest Man Alive” issue we have gone back to some of the previous winners to see how their physiques and faces have held up over time. While time is not kind to any man, some of these stars did not help the process with their face-lifts, ugly haircuts and extra few pounds. Take a look at these celebrities that were once total hotties and what they became now. Enjoy

ジェームズ・スペイダー   James Spader

ラッセル・クロウ   Russell Crowe

ミッキー・ローク   Mickey Rourke

トム・クルーズ   Tom Cruise

ヴィンス・ヴォーン   Vince Vaughn

アクセル・ローズ   Axl Rose

ニコラス・ケイジ   Nicolas Cage

メル・ギブソン   Mel Gibson

ジョン・トラボルタ   John Travolta

ニック・ノルティ   Nick Nolte

ブルース・ジェンナー   Bruce Jenner

ヴァル・キルマー   Val Kilmer

ブレンダン・フレイザー   Brendan Fraser


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