芸術的なシューズ"集”!  Weird and Funny Shoes

These shoes are fun, the real works of art, but whether they are really comfortable? They may create blisters or foot in them get stinky and burned? Is it really comfortable to walk on nails or hooves? But the fact is that here there are practical footwear – listen to your music – wear and go for a walk, and the music will follow you in the rhythm of steps. Flip flops soft as carpet. You have not brought a bathing suit – so what, you have it in sandals! Swimming in the sea and you are in the action “Finding Nemo” – do not take your shoes off, because you will swim faster in your shoes with fins. If you are not very good at math you can see the solution to your pain – shoes with abacus… soon with a calculator, clock and weather! Would you like to have shoes like Lady Gaga in her video – Take a closer look this perfect model. You can see the shoes 2 in 1, shoes “transformers” can serve as a great toy for your child, where you can cultivate flowers, and soon it will come out and model with the aquarium! The ideas are truly inexhaustible!

Top 25 Weird Shoes-Bizarre footware


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