失われたアメリカ写真集(廃墟等) Abandoned America Monuments


The photos here are taken by Troy Paiva as a project to document the lost monuments of America. The photos have a sinister and eerie feel to them which is seems like the look that Paiva was looking to capture. The collection of photos includes a large number of streets and abandoned buildings around California. Some of the most noted photographs is an abandoned building near Byron hot springs which was used as a place for interrogation for the German and Japanese prisoners who were captured during the war and a building in a place known as Impossible City, which is so called because it was impossible to track the place. The photos also have various abandoned neon signs and has a beautiful abandoned café located in Cartago, California. The abandoned dormitories at Castle Air Force Base are remarkable and almost put across the air that was when the war was going on.


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