オバマ大統領とビル・マーレイ! Barack Obama Meets Bill Murray !


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映画キャラクターたちのその素顔! People Behind Famous Movie Characters


Find out who actually played famous characters in popular movies.

ビヨンセ偽装妊娠疑惑、再度浮上! Beyonce Sung Without Pregnant Belly [Video]


Jimmy Fallon Confuse Viewers: Beyonce Sung Without Pregnant Belly


リリーさんそのドレス胸が見えてるよ! Lily Allen Fancy Dress Oops


Lily Allen fancy dress oops in front of the paparazzi.


ブリジット・バルドー 昔と今 Brigitte Bardot Getting Older [Video]

ブリジット・バルドー(Brigitte Bardot、1934年9月28日 - )は、フランス・パリ出身の女優、ファッションモデル、動物保護活動家である。頭文字が B.B.であることから、同じ発音で「赤ん坊」を意味するフランス語 bébéとかけて「BB」が愛称になった。

She was one of the hottest women in the 1950’s. Let’s see photos of Brigitte Bardot then and now.

驚愕のロボットダンス! Awesome Robot-Dubstep ‘Dance’ Routine [Video]

小瓶の中の世界 tiny world in a bottle


Artist Akinobu Izumi uses paper, clay, wax and resin among other materials to create these intricate miniature worlds.


ペットは子供たちの一番の友達です! Every Child Needs a Pet [Video]


Many families buy a pet first, like a preparation for a child… Sometimes, when the baby comes in the pet goes out. Here you can see some examples when that is not the case, and of course you can’t decide who is cuter! :)


ゾンビタトゥーの男性をファンデーションで・・・CM The Zombie Boy who underwent amazing make-up transformation for a commercial [Video]


With almost 80% of his body covered in skeleton tattoos, fashion model Rick Genest is best known by his stage persona Zombie Boy, but the Canadian artist hit the headlines for a different reason in an incredible video for Vichy's Dermablend foundations. Genest is currently starring in the brand's "Go Beyond the Cover” campaign. The video opens with an unrecognizable tattoo-less Rick with a flawless complexion. However, as he takes off his shirt and begins scrubbing with make-up remover, his extensive tattoos gradually begin to appear.


黒いチューリップ Black Tulip


I think the most popular festival in the world is the tulip festival. It usually takes place in all countries with the necessary climate. And, of course, it is widely celebrated in the tulips’ birthplace – Holland. It wouldn’t be interesting to look at pictures of regular tulips. So here’s a selection of black tulips. They’re not completely black, they’re sooner dark blue and dark purple. They almost aren’t grown, it’s a very decorative breed.

かわいいワンパグ! Cute Wampug Costume [Video]


Every year I make a new costume for my pug Chubbs and this year was no exception. This year she became the dreaded Hoth Wampa from The Empire Strikes Back! Here she coming directly from her photoshoot and looking cute as can be! Beware...the WAMPUG!


ヴィゴの視線が・・・ Vigo Carpathian Stares At You [Video]


The Sunlight Foundation hosted an open house/Halloween party in DC on 10/25/11. Eric, one of their developers, hacked a Kinect for a pretty cool party trick. A portrait of Ghostbusters II villain Vigo the Carpathian follows you as you move.


母親ゾウと赤ちゃんゾウのドラマティック・レスキュー! Dramatic Rescue of a Baby Elephant and Its Mother !


An Elephant mother has been trapped in mud after she tried to rescue her baby elephant. Both animals would die if the humans wouldn’t rescue them.


シュワちゃんの息子パトリック君! Son Of Arnold [Video]


18-year-old Patrick has decided to follow in the footsteps of his dad Arnold Schwarzenegger – he just loves the intense workout. Anyway, poor chap needs to put some meat on those bones because his old man in those years looked intensely more buffed!


世界最大女性モデル! 7 Feet Tall Sexy Model [Video]

オーストラリアの女性モデル“アマゾン・イブ”さん身長は7フィート( 約213cm )で女性モデルでは世界一の記録保持者です。身長もさることながらその美しさにも定評があります。

7 Foot Tall Amazon Woman Video Photo Shoot
World's Tallest Australian Model
Her name is Amazon Eve. She is doing a photo shoot next to an average size Australian beautiful female model.

韓国青年マライア・キャリーを熱唱! Korean Karaoke Fail [Video]


ats My Barreh (Touch My Body) by Mariah Carey. LOL @ ...if there's a camel up a hill.