国際ドッグショー「クラフツ(Crufts)」 イン・バーミンガム  Most Prestigious Dog Show Held in Birmingham [Video]


Crufts dog show has been held in the United Kingdom since 1891. The show bears the name of its founder Charles Cruft, general manager for a dog biscuit manufacturer.


This year, a Lhasa Apso called Elizabeth from England’s Coventry won Best in Show.

Crufts 2012 - Best of Breed Miniature Schnauzer

Only one dog can win in the show.

The Best in Show prize has been awarded for the past 83 years. In all, 41 different dog breeds have won Best in Show.

A flat-coated Retriever Jet from Edinburgh, Scotland, won Best in Show at last year’s Crufts 2011 show. Photo: Dogs before the judges arrive at the Crufts 2012 show.

Various canine accessories are sold at the show. Photo: Irish wolfhound at the Crufts 2012 show.

The Irish water spaniel is one of the oldest spaniels and one of the rarest dogs. It is one of the largest spaniels. Male dogs have a shoulder height of 61 cm.

A four-legged participant in the show with its owner on the last day of the Crufts 2012 show.

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