ビヨンセ偽装妊娠疑惑、再度浮上! Beyonce Sung Without Pregnant Belly [Video]


Jimmy Fallon Confuse Viewers: Beyonce Sung Without Pregnant Belly


Since she announced she was pregnant, Beyonce was attacked by the media because some suspect that the fact she and Jay Z hired a surrogate mother to give birth to their first child. In one show she tried to sit down and squished her pregnant belly, and just what those rumors were put on hold, here are new. In fact, her fans have seen clip of the show “Jimmy Fallon” and in it Beyonce sang her new hit.




She appeared in a short, tight dress, and with no trace of a pregnant belly. Immediately the fans on social networks exchange opinions about how Beyonce is lying and is not pregnant.

However, soon the situation clarified. Jimmy is confused viewers and let her performance that was filmed in early summer. Announced it, and instead, in a studio show a clip. It is assumed that for Jimmy recorded performance before, because she didn’t want to perform at a high level of pregnancy.


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