世界最小ラジコン飛行機! Micro Flying Machine is the World

赤外線送信機によりリモート制御されたおそらく世界最小の飛行機です。全幅6インチ 重さ4グラム、リチウム・ポリマー・バッテリー搭載 飛行時間は約5分。

Interactive's infra red Da Vinci Micro Flying Machine is probably the smallest remote controlled ornithopter in the world.With a six inch wingspan and weighing just four grams, Flying Toys tiny indoor flapper is sure to cause a sensation wherever its flown!...Wingspan: 150mm (6") Weight: 3.5g Lithium Polymer flight battery charges direct from the transmitter. Charging Time: 20-30 minutes for full charge. Flight Duration: Approximately 5 minutes.



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