ライフ誌よる20世紀の記憶 B&W Photography: Memories from 20th Century, Part1


LIFE magazine photographs has published a collection of photographs that captured some of the most important memories from 20th century, photographs that in a way had marked the previous century. More intense than any words, photographs and their stories show the most important 20th century political, social, cultural, sporting icons and remodel figures of the world. You can say that people make the the spirit of the time and you can also say that life is a series of special moments..We have both, special people and special moments, in these truly inspiring and memorable black and white photographs from the 20th century.

Albert Einstein Teaching by Alfred Eisenstaedt

Clark Gable by Landry

Pablo Picasso Smoking a Cigarette by Gjon Mili

Elvis Presley Returns Home by Al Fenn

Ernest Hemingway by Alfred Eisenstaedt

Fidel Castro by Alfred Eisenstaedt

Franklin D. Roosevelt by Margaret Bourke-White

Salvadore Dali and His Wife by Alfred Eisenstaedt

Louis Armstrong’s Lips by John Loengard

The SS Normandie by Bernard Hoffman

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