現金輸送車が事故横転、道路に現金をぶちまけた結果 In Italy, Overturned Truck Carrying Two Million Euros

イタリアで現金輸送車が事故を起こして横転、積荷はやはり現金なんと200万ユーロ、日本円に換算すると約 2.2 億円が道路に散乱したそうです。そのうちの10万ユーロ(約1100万円)が事故の後始末と同時に消失www・・・・この後の数枚の写真の係員の目つきをご覧あれ。

In Italy, accident truck hit the mint, which was carrying two million euros. The truck overturned on the roadway from the car spilled a large quantity of coins. Part of the money was looted by passing motorists. According to preliminary calculations, were abducted about 10 thousand euros. As stated in the police, the driver and passenger of a truck received injuries, so could not prevent the robbery.



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