悲しき少年兵  Boys – Warriors

この少年兵たちはモハマド・アダン12歳とアフマド・ハサン15歳 ソマリア軍に属します。ソマリアの子供たちはこの年齢くらいでは手にカラシニコフを持ち食料はなく栄養不良ぎみ住居は半壊状態、この様な環境でも垣間見せる屈託のない子供らしい笑顔、みなさんはこれを見られてどうお感じになられましたでしょうか?

These boys do not play war, they were real soldiers with real guns. Mohamed Adan Udas is 12 years old, and Ahmed Hasan 15. They are part of the Somalian army and fighting in Mogadishu. Somalia army recruit boys who were older than 9 years. And instead of, like their peers around the world, have a carefree childhood, these boys grow up with Kalashnikov. Skinny, malnourished, living in ruins, and grow up too soon. Is there any hope that these children will one day live normal life, unfortunately, does not depend on them.

Somalia's Child Soldiers: Children Carry Guns for a U.S. Ally



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