ハスキー犬の飼い方 Husky in Your Apartment

Many people are attracted to the exterior of Husky. They are proud and elegant, their elegant wool, fluffy fox tail and erect ears vysokoposazhennye!
Huskies can be so different. They have allowed any color from pure black to pure white. Beautiful looks – well, but more importantly,acquiring a dog, to know the character of this breed. Husky – not an easy breed, a dog is not for everyone. Husky – lively, active dog,dog-athlete, she was born to run! Therefore, the owner must ensure that dogs should exercise.An ideal place to hold Husky – it is a private house where the dog can run around all day in the fresh air.But if you suddenly decide to make such a dog in a small cozy apartment, be aware of the consequences,for a good example check out photos inside.

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