“スケートサイクル”トロン仕様にグレードアップ! The TRON Inspired Freerider Skatecycle – More Blue Lights

I know, I know, another product spawned from the ‘will it ever go away’ TRON Legacy movie, however, this one actually looks like a cool idea.

From the mind of Alon Karpman and winner of the IDSA IDEA award come the Freerider Skatecycle, a hub-less tow wheeled self-propelling skating apparatus.
The wheels are a special blend polyurethane that ensures both speed and grip and use colors and glow-in-the-dark elements reminiscent of TRON’s signature light cycle. The frame is made of solid aluminum and the body parts of a durable composite.

Alon who is constantly fiddling around to better improve his product describes the newest upgrade as being the product of a “nerdgasm” over the new film’s release.
Now part of the permanent collection at the Henry Ford Museum, the Freerider Skatecycle, without the neon blue lights are in stock and available for $149.95. You will have to contact Alon for a quote on the custom TRON skates.

【関連記事】次世代のスケボー、“フリーライダー・スケートサイクル” FreeRider Hubless Skateboard !

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