いろんなところの有名人銅像を紹介します。20 Famous People Statues


Johnny Depp a life-sized statue in Drvengrad, an art villagewithin a mountain village of Mokra Gora, Serbia.

John Lennon statue in San Miguel, Lima, Peru.

John Lennon statue, Liverpool.

Statue of Michael Jackson in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Michael Jordan Statue – Chicago, United Center.

Ray Charles statue in Ray Charles Plaza in Albany, Georgia.

Rocky Balboa statue in the village of Zitiste, some 60 km from Belgrade.

Stevie Ray Vaughn statue in the Austin.

Bronz statue of Babe Ruth in Yagiyama Zoo of Sendai, Japan.

A statue of Buddy Holly in Lubbock, Texas.

Charlie Chaplin statue, Vevey, Leysin, Switzerland.

Che Guevara statue at the site of his death in Bolivia.

Yoda Statue – Presidio, San Francisco.

Chinggis Khan statue facing towards his birthplace in Mongolia.

Statue of Elvis in Memphis.

Jimi Hendrix statue in the Isle of Wight.

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse “Partners” statue, Disneyland.

The tomb of Victor Noir, Pere Lachaise, Paris.

Amelia Earhart sculpture in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Statue of Lennon in a Havana park, Cuba.

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