樹齢1900年のログハウス  The Famous Redwood Log House

ようは、大木を切り出し中をくり貫いてログハウスに仕立てるのです。このログハウスに使われた大木とは樹齢1900歳、高さ247フィート 約75m、直径14フィート 約4.26mを4つに切り分けて4つのログハウスにするそうです。現在では考えられないですね。
One of the most popular exhibits at Ripley’s Believe It or Not, the famous Redwood Log House is made from the trunk of a single Redwood Tree.

Len Moore, the creator of this unusual house, got the idea to build the Redhouse Log House after he found shelter in the trunk of a burned down Redwood tree, during a storm. He decided to build his dream house out of the trunk of this giant tree, and spent months chiseling out the interior, and over a year to build it.

Building a house inside the trunk of a giant tree is impressive enough, but the mere fact that the tree was 1,900 years old makes it even more unbelievable. It once stood 247 feet high, and was 14 feet in diameter. Four log houses were built from the trunk of this Redwood tree, and the one owned by Ripley’s was the fourth cut from the tree, in 1938. It measures 33 feet in length and the 11,000 feet of lumber it contains, are enough to construct a five bedroom house.

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