印象的な広告をピックアップしました。 15 Extreme Ads

These advertisements are very memorable. Most of them advertise some cleaning products but also speak of some real life issues, such as world hunger, drug abuse, domestic violence etc.

カリブ・ビター・チョコレート このブラッキーな甘さ!

Ariel- stay stain free

Ariel- now with jasmine

Caribú Bitter: Canari chocolate- The dark side of sweetness

Concordia Children's Services- If you don't help feed them, who will?

Colombian cocaine


Don't swallow other people's smoke- smoke free ambient

Hangover is dangerous

Master lock- tough enough for any job

Verbal abuse can be just as horrific

One life- test for aids

Invisible glass with Colin

Just- if you aren't totally clean, you are filthy

TMF- reincarnation sucks- live now!

Fraich Frites- granny's fries without the granny

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