恥ずかしがりの赤ちゃん猿ガボン! Very Shy Baby Monkey Loango

この黒い瞳は10000ボルトくらいあなたに訴えかけませんか。 この赤ちゃん猿の名前はガボンと言いますが2012年3月5日母猿は出産後すぐに育児放棄しましたがパリのジャルダンデ動物園の飼育係が育てております。萌えるほど可愛いでしょ! Those big black eyes will break your heart into a million pieces. This poor baby monkey name is Loango, and he was rejected by his mother soon after his birth. Fortunately, baby monkey was handed and raised by zookeepers in Paris. Loango is a male mangabey monkey and was born in Jardin des Plantes zoo in paris on 5 March, 2012.
source     ブログパーツ

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