最悪アルバム ジャケット集 Worst Album Covers

なんとこれぞ最悪アルバム ジャケット集いろんなジャンルを取り揃えております。

Thanks to glamour shots, psychadelic drugs, day-glo pants, stuffy visual metaphors and an unnatural love for pre-pubescent nudity, music has come in all shades of crap. Here’s a little sampling of some of the worst album covers ever.

Europe – Final Countdown

Manowar – Anthology

Van Halen – Balance

Immortal – Battles in the North

Boned – Up at the Crack

The Handsome Beasts – Beastiality

Nelson – Because They Can

Knorkator – The Schlechtst of

Xiu – Xiu – A Promise

Kevin Rowland – My Beauty

Dethkorps – metal Tit

Lesbian Concentrate – A Lesbianthology of Songs and poems

Paddy Roberts – Songs for Gay Dogs

Millie Jackson – Back to the S**t

The Glitter Band – Hey!

Freddie Gage – All My Friends are Dead

Country Church

The Louvin Brothers – Satan is Real

Tino – For the First Time

Richard and Willie – Funky Honkey, Nasty Nigger

Alla Pugatjova – Every Night and Every Day

Moving Gelatine Plates – The World of Genius Hans

Borislav Zoric – Otrov Sam za Zene

Slim Goodbody – The Inside Story

Robin Hood Band

Millie Jackson – E.S.P

Herbie Mann – Push, Push

Millie Jackson Fuck you symphony

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